Welcome to my colorful world! I'm Frida Davidsson, a 25 year old artist from Sweden, currently based in Los Angeles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of my art! 

Kanye West Painting

My latest custom-made painting of Kanye West. This piece is made with acrylic on canvas and it's 30*40 inches. I really enjoyed painting this! Process video coming soon.

2pac & Biggie Painting

This piece was made with acrylic , golden leaves, crushed glass and resin on canvas. Click on "custom-made"  in navigation menu to find out how you can get your own personalized painting!

frida davidsson art tupac

Live Painting Performance

If you are looking for some very unique entertainment for your event, I will be more than happy to do my Live Body Painting Performance at your event. 

Are you a business owner who wants to make a unique promotional/ commersial video for your business? Then I'm your girl! With my body painting performance, I can paint something related to the product or services for your business! 

I'm also open for collaborations, music videos and a lot more!

Just send me an email to Frida.Davidsson@Live.se 

I had the best time doing my first live performance at the AC Gallery. I did not expect so many to show up and give me such a beautiful support. It was a magic experience filled with so much love, joy and positive energy. I'm looking forward to my next live painting performance!

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