Custom made

If you would like to get your own personalized custom-made painting, please follow the guidelines below.
The prices will depend on the size of the artwork, what you want me to paint (the motiv) and where it's being shipped to.

1, Decide what you want me to paint, and what style you want me to paint it. (I can paint anything in any style.) For example if you want a portrait of yourself; choose a photo that you want, and then decide if you want it to look realistic (like a photo) or if you want it more abstract, colorful, or black and white. 

2, Figure out how big you want it. The bigger, the longer it's going to take for me to paint it and therefor a higher price. The smaller, the cheaper. I prefer to not make it bigger than 40*30 inches, which makes the shipping cheap, but if you want it bigger I can definitely make it happen for you.

3, When you have an idea of what you want, and about what size you want it in, send me an email to with the image/images, what style you want and what size you want. If you are not 100% sure what you want, size etc, I can help you to figure out something unique! Maybe you want something more abstract to match with the rest of your interior. No matter what you want, I got ya!

To give you an idea about what the price will be approximately will be, check out the images below:

This is a 30*40 inches acrylic on canvas being shipped to Sweden. For something similar to this painting I will charge around $2000 depending where it's being shipped to. 

custom made painting
This painting coast about $1900. That includes all material and shipping. This painting was shipped from LA to Arizone but since the size of this painting is bigger than 40*30 inches, it coast me about $200 to ship it. 

tupac biggie frida

For this painting I charged $2000, that includes shipping and material. This painting was shipped to Sweden, and the size of this is 30*40 inches which made the shipping coast about $100 (which is included in the price). 

art battle frida davidsson painting body
If you prefer a more abstract style like this, it will be cheaper. For something similar in this style and size, the price will vary from $600-1000, depending on where you want it shipped to. 

Something similar to this painting will coast about $1200-1600. Since it's black and white, and not too many details, it doesn't require a lot of time to paint it. 

If you want a small drawing, similar to the 2pac drawing above, I can make it for about $500-700, depending on where it's being shipped to. 

I hope this gives you a good vision of how the price system works! 

I'm looking forward to create some unique artwork for you!

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