About me

Artist Statement:

Allowing my whole mind body and soul to create, gives me a feeling of connection where I become one with my art. By bringing my awareness into the present moment, I enter into a trance state of mind where I get to embrace my human body and apply the paint onto the canvas with my movements. Doing this makes me feel true to who I really am, and it reminds me of what I believe is the purpose of my existence, to have fun, enjoy and be fully aware in the moment while allowing an energy of love to flow through me onto the canvas. My process represents freedom while the portraits I paint represents the people who has somehow inspired me on my journey.


Frida Davidsson (1992, Gothenburg, Sweden) makes paintings and performances by using her body as the only painting tool. With her movements, she creates mostly abstract/ pop art portraits of people who she feels influenced by.

Davidsson is interested in the connection that appears between herself and her art as she masterfully becomes a part of the painting while she embrace her female body covered in paint. Her very unique way of creating makes her express her true nature, as she takes back the control of the female body that has been stolen from today's society and objectified.

Davidsson beautifully expresses freedom, love and positive energy with her performance that is very spontaneous, random and uncontrollable. Watching her performance puts the viewer in a hypnotic type of state. Her paintings are very colorful and vibrant and it's surprisingly to imagine that she participated her whole body into the piece.

Being fully aware in the present moment, having fun, and being true to who you are, is only a few elements that she explores in the process. She responds to what she states is a "cold society" in a very naive way by spreading love and warmth as the people she choose to portray comes in a wide variety. Frida Davidsson currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


I'm just another spirit having a human experience, enjoying whatever life throws at me with a positive attitude and a spiritual perspective.

Ever since I was a child, I've been good at copying the world around me onto my drawings. My artistic journey began once I got into the makeup field at the age of 17. With the brushes in my hand and the eye shadow pallet in front of me, I fell in love with the creative process. It didn't take long until I got tired of the superficial makeup world, and decided to spread my wings, pack my bags and move to Los Angeles to explore both an inner, and outer journey!

I started at Santa Monica College and took some art classes, I learned to use all types of different materials and technique and I started to paint on canvas. This was life changing for me and ever since then, I cannot picture myself doing anything else than creating art!

Three years later I graduated from college, I had no longer any professors giving me any assignments which allowed me to do whatever I wanted. My art has changed a lot in the last year, I have a tendency to always try something new and challenge myself. Even though my art has always been very spiritual with deep psychological messages, I couldn't help myself always change my style, as if I wasn't 100 % complete with my art. I felt some type of separation, and honestly I got a little bored by sitting by myself working on a painting for days or weeks. So I decided to switch up my art completely, and that's when I started painting with my body instead!

I no longer wanted to feel separate from my artworks, I wanted to be a part of the actual art. I no longer wanted to make perfectly realistic paintings, I wanted to make it faster, more uncontrollable and fun. I no longer wanted to paint about my philosophies, I wanted to perform it with my whole mind body and soul!

The feeling when I pour out the first cup of paint, is indescribable. It's almost as that feeling when you were a little child, and you did something you're not supposed to do, but it gives you some type of excitement and pleasure to do it anyway! For me, the whole painting process feels very free and relaxing, it gives me life and I trust that whatever happens, is suppose to happen. I take chances, let go of control, and puts my awareness into the present moment. After I add all the colors, I use black and paint a portrait in a pop-art type of way. Right now I'm painting people that has inspired my life somehow, and I'm having my mind open to whatever my subject matter will develop to in the future!

I believe that the meaning of life is to have fun, enjoy the ride and spread love. That's why I feel the need to express myself the way that I do.

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