Reverie Painting - Process video

Reverie Painting - Process video

When I made this painting I hadn't been painted for a long time, I had mostly done some charcoal drawings and 3d designs. It had almost been 8-9 months since I had toutched my painting brushes, (way too long I know). Anyways, I had an assignment to create something based of the world "chance"... So I got a vision of me taking changes in life, opening doors I never would had open, stepping into another state of mind, entering the dream world and taking changes like if my whole life were just a perfect dream. Stuck in my head were a vision of a joyful girl entering a new place, a beautiful and colorful place. At first I tried to paint the face pretty realisticly and not worry about the background. But since I hadn't been painting for so long, it was a struggle. Almost as if I had forgot some important techniques. After some sweat and tears I gave up and threw away the painting. I was so frustrated and mad at myself and I didn't understand what I did wrong. 
The next day I woke up kinda disappointed, but I knew what I needed to do to get myself together. I went to the rooftop and stared at the beautiful view over Los Angeles. I took some deep breath and did some meditation. I put my mind at peace and started to think of everything that I'm grateful for in live. I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason, I just dont understand it in the moment, but time will tell me. I felt such a power within me, such a wonderful, peaceful and positive energy filling up my entire body. I felt so refreshed.

I went to Blick (a store for art supplies) and as I was walking through the store I found myself staring at some sponges. Something inside me told me to buy them and use them in the painting. I had never painted with spounges before but I like new things so why not try it out. Since I was trying out new tools for this painting I decided to buy a painting knife as well. I grabbed my sponges, my knife, some new colors and the biggest canvas that could fit in my car and went back home.

I put my phone on a chair and decided to record myself in the painting process (this was the first time I was recording myself painting). I decided to instead of painting the face first, I'm going to start with the background. Even though I had no sketch or plan for it I said to myself " just go with the flow,  let accident happens, trust your moves, try something new and dont be scared to take changes". Before I started, I made sure I was in the same happy and peaceful mood as I were on the rooftop. I put my mind at peace and felt the positive energy filling up my body again.

For the first time I was "free-styling" with the paint. I applied the paint with my sponges and as soon as it hit the canvas it was as if my unconscious mind were expanding. I had no idea what I was doing I was just going with the flow, randomly adding different colors at different places without analyzing or thinking to hard. I grabbed my knife and slide it through the painted areas and created some new textures. You know that feeling when you feel almost as you're in a trance? Not 100% aware of what you're doing, but everything just flows? That's how I felt, almost as if I was painting with my unconsious mind. I had a feeling of freedom, letting things happen, not worrying or over thinking, just trusting my intentions. After the canvas were covered with paint. I added the face that I had visioned, and a glimpse of a dream catcher to the right.

For the first time I was trying out so many new things.
*I had never painted with sponges or a knife before
*I had never recorded myself in the painting process
*I had never tried to let go of the control and painting something "abstract"
*I had never meditated before starting a painting 
*I had never finished a painting this fast

I finished this painting in a day, which had never happened before. I saw a new painting style coming to live. I learned so many new techniques, how to create new textures and the importance of my state of mind while painting. This is one of my favorite paintings so far and I believe it's the most appreciated one on my Facebook page as well. 

At the time I was making this painting I had been introduced to an audiobook by Abraham Hicks who is an inspirational author and speaker. Listening to her really helped me with the meditation part and trusting my instincts. I believe that she had a great impact on this piece.
(I will write more about her and her teachings in future posts)

Everything happens for a reason. I struggled with my first painting and got super negative and disappointed. But that made me get myself together, it made me control my mind and feel the positive energy inside me. Time had told me and I understood why. 

I think that this applies to many things in life. There is no light without dark. There is no positivity without negativity. There is no success without the struggle. 

If you are interested in purchasing this piece or have anyw questions, feel free to contact me at

Stay Positive, never give up and dont be afraid to take chances in life!

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