Law of Attraction | Inner world & Outer world.

Law of attraction -

Law of Attraction | Inner world & Outer world.

We live in a world, a world of love, hate, flowers and guns. Or do we? Actually, we live in two different worlds, an inner world, and an outer world. The outer world is where objects excist, the food in your refrigerator and the cars passing by on the streets. It's the world of circumstances and situations. Then there is also an inner world. A world within our consciousness where our feelings exist, a world which is most of the time, occupied with about 48 thoughts per minute. Our beliefs and reactions, exist in our inner world.

Remember a time when you were sitting in a classroom. Your teacher is having a lecture about mathematical statistics. Even though you are present in the room, sitting on a chair looking at the teachers ugly handwriting, your thoughts are somewhere else. You are thinking about what you are going to do later tonight. How amazing a hamburger would taste in front of a TV-show.... Mmmmm....All the sudden you hear your teacher shout your name and ask you for an answer. Even though you were looking at the math statistics presented, you have no idea what the teacher were explaining... " Eeeehm, what was the question again?" Feeling your mouth filled up with saliva after the thought of a delicious hamburger....

Your physical body were present in the classroom, your ass were sitting on the chair in the other world, but your thoughts were somewhere else!

Things happen to us in the outer world, and we react to them in the inner world. Lets say your boss comes up to you and say "I'm really unhappy with the work your doing, we have to let you go, you are fired". That happens in the outer world, while in your inner world you react to it. You start to doubt yourself, you start to worry and feel the fear of being unemployed.

Take for example confidence, confidence doesn't exist in the outer world, you got some confidence lying around in your closet? No, it exist in the inner world. Happiness. Happiness DOES NOT exist in the outer world. You cannot go to the grocery store and ask "Hey in which aisle can I find some happiness?" No, although everyone is looking for happiness, but happiness ONLY exist in the inner world.

It's important to understand that the universe is vibrational energy. Your clothes, your iphone, your feelings and your thoughts. The WHOLE UNIVERSE is also governed by laws, if you throw your iphone up in the air, the law of gravity will pull it back to the ground and you will probably get some cracks on the display. When you look at the sun, you are basically looking BACK in time, because the sunlight takes about 8 minutes and 20 second to travel from the sun to your eyes. It's the law of the speed of light. Everything in this universe, is governed by laws. But not us, not us human beings, it's just luck, some people are lucky. NO! Does it really make sense that everything in this universe is governed by laws EXCEPT US? NO! We are in the universe too and we are a part of the universe. And since EVERYTHING is governed by laws, then it makes totally sense that we are governed by laws as well. YOU are the cause of everything that happens to you. A little to harsh? No, we are vibrational energy, and so is everything around us. It's ALL connected, even though there is an outer world and an inner world. Everything that has ever happened in your life, has built up of vibrational energy.

We get overwhelmed by the outer world, we think we have no control over it, everything just happens to us and there is nothing we can do about it. But we can. Your mind is POWERFUL! Your mind, your thoughts and your feelings CREATES your reality. We are the vibrational frequency that attracts the experience to us. Your life is a reflection of you! When you start to accept this, you will feel an AMAZING power! Don't look for happiness in the grocery store, look for the happiness within! Matter effect, it's so easy, just decide to think about something that makes you happy. Maybe it's your pet, or maybe it's the love of your life or maybe *cough* a hamburger... Don't let your thoughts be on autopilot, be the actual pilot flying the plane. You can control your thoughts, don't let them control you. 

Here is some tips to get started with:

1. Be aware of your thoughts. Notice when you are having a negative thought and you will realize that most of the time that thought is so useless. Maybe you are worrying about something that MIGHT happen in 3 days, and the more you worry about it, the bigger the risk is that it's actually going to happen. Because you are sending out that thought to the universe and you will attract just that.

2. When you are aware of your negative thought, accept it, and replace it with a positive one. Remember a beautiful memory or whatever makes you happy. Sometimes, you just need to practice your facial muscles and smile for no reason, because automatically your brain will give you a positive thought because it's used to having a positive thought whenever you are smiling.

3. Be grateful! It's sooooo easy to take things for granted. Be grateful for your eyes being able to read this beautiful post, be grateful for the air you breath in and the roof over your head. Do this every morning and you will be filled with positive vibrational energy!

So with this painting, I'm trying to convey a visual of the inner world and the outer world, and that it is connected.... I can continue talking about this for hours because the subject is soooo big and I just shared a glimse of it, but naah, I gotta go and create my reality... Or maybe go get an hamburger...

If you would like to know more about "The law of attraction" I suggest to start by listening to an audiobook on youtube called "the law of attraction, Abraham hicks, or read the book "The secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

Law of Attraction
Acrylic on canvas

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or if you are interested in purchasing this painting.


  • Denis

    Hey Frida.

    What you are doing is truly inspiring and amazing. I would like to congratulate you for such progress you have made. I read your bio, and it seems that only within a short period of time, you achieved to shape your life based on your inner desire and imagination. I really feel inspired by the mindset that you have, and I am glad that you are another living proof that the law exists.

    I have to totally agree with your mindset, and moreover, would like to add that action is the last key. I too believe in the law of attraction. We are going to attract what we focus on, but we need to make the action and “grab” what we have attracted in front of our eyes.

    Every breath that we take, is vibrating an energy, and that energy holds data in it. That data is transmitted to an invisible network, and it is received by the cosmic energy, which will then send back what it received.

    Would like to add a famous quote that I have been hearing a lot, and hits the nail on the head -unfortunately, I do not know who it comes from…
    " Our mind is the field, and our thoughts are the seeds. You can not plant lemon trees, and expect to grow apples."

    Wish all the best to you {{ <3 }}

  • Aaron Rothe

    Frida! U R A Sage!

    THIS POST has been so helpful to me right now. And I just have so many thoughts about it that it’s overwhelming. I want to get back to you later when I have had time to think about this more and read it again. But I want to share that I just had all these knocks and ringing on my door just now and I was worried and paranoid… and it turned out to just be my apartment manager… and he is actually just the nicest guy… and he was worried about the state that I seemed to be in at first… but I said I am on a weird schedule and just woke up and I need some more hours of rest before I be performing at my highest level….

    He just wanted the rent money which I forgot to give him… and I wrote a check for him and told him the other checks would be coming soon for the months that I will be studying India in yoga…

    Anyway the point is this neighbor has complained about all the noises I keep making at night… and I was all shaky and excited when I was talking to him…and I got back to my computer so worried and not feeling good and just not knowing what the plan here is…

    And then your post was like EXACTLY what I was thinking earlier this year when I was in a BETTER SPACE inside myself…

    The outer world is him. The manager. And all I have to do to get back to my inner world… is just talk to him for not too long… and smile at him… and listen to the things he is telling me…. and pay him what he wants from me…

    And then I just get to go into that little inner world again… and just stay there for as long as I can before I have to come out and go somewhere.

    Thank you for your thoughts, Frida! I would love to hear anything else you are thinking about this topic… and I want to think about it more and share some of the other ways your writing has helped me… because I was in a difficult and uncertain place in my life just now… and what you just posted help clear things up for me and inspire me to behave in different ways… beginning right now.

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